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Proven Transformative Dog Training with Off Leash K9 Training Amarillo

Dedicated and Expert Trainers

We attribute every dog success story in Off Leash K9 Training Amarillo to our exceptional trainers, the cornerstone of the transformations we witness day in and day out.

Our professional trainers bring a collective wealth of experience and extensive knowledge to every training session with your dog. From knowing the ins and outs of dog behavior and training methods to positive reinforcement techniques, you are guaranteed professional guidance all throughout your dog’s training journey.

Our expert trainers use a compassionate approach to training your canine companion because we believe that a lot of genuine care, patience, and understanding are essential to fostering a positive learning environment for your dog. Our OLK9 trainers establish a bond with your dog to build a relationship of mutual respect and trust beyond training sessions.

With our trainers by your side, guiding you through this crucial transformative journey, you’re not only enrolling in a training program; you have an entire community behind you, celebrating you and your pet’s special connection.

Guaranteed Success

As a valued family member, your canine companion’s well-being is a priority. This is why you need to entrust your dog’s training with Off Leash K9 Training Amarillo. Our track record speaks of the commitment we make to our dog clients. Our training programs are not built on theories; rather, they are founded on proven results and transformation stories that showcase the effectiveness of our innovative methodologies and personalized approach. We have helped numerous dogs achieve newfound obedience!

Every journey is a celebration as we witness the transformation our dog clients steadily achieve through our guidance. These transformations are not only about mastering commands, but more importantly they are about establishing a stronger bond with their owner, mutual respect between dog and owner, and a happier canine life!

We are proud to share stories of dogs who were once considered “difficult” but are now shining examples of proper dog training. Our success stories and guaranteed results are a reflection of our dedication to each dog we work with. If you’re looking for the right partner for your dog’s remarkable journey to independence, let us help you!

One-on-One Consultations

Embarking on a journey to a well-behaved canine companion begins with a simple, yet significant, step: OLK9 Training’s free phone consultation. We promise to help you and your dog achieve your goals, so talk with us!

Whatever you have in mind for your dog, we’ll make sure to match your needs with our training programs. Our free phone consultation is a no-obligation conversation to discuss your dog’s needs with us, and we answer your questions and provide insights. With us, you’re not just getting information; you’re opening a potential partnership that is 100% invested in transforming your dog’s behavior and strengthening your bond with him.

Ready to take that first important step toward a well-mannered and happy canine companion? Schedule your free consultation here. We guarantee to guide you every single step of the way!

Off Leash K9 Training Amarillo

Your Partner in Excellent Dog Obedience Training with a Heart

“Expertise that transforms, experience that truly matters, stern commitment to excellence, a humane approach, and your dog always at the forefront of everything”

While these are all things we promise to dog owners as they commit their precious canine companions to Off Leash K9 Training Amarillo, there’s more to it! Beyond obedience training, it is our lifelong commitment to see your dog enjoy a better life through this transformative journey!

More importantly, we are dedicated to guiding you and your dog to nurture a profound connection for a lifetime.

Why Take Your Dog to Obedience Training

Just like teaching your child valuable life skills to survive in this chaotic world, enrolling your canine companion in dog training equips him with the needed skills and tools to navigate the world in a safe and controlled way.

If you care enough for your dog’s well-being, here are the numerous benefits you can get from dog training that we emphasize:

Think about the wealth of benefits that dog training brings to your dog. And we hope that you are willing to put in the effort to ensure success and happiness. Take that first step toward teaching your dog life lessons. Partner with us!


Tell Us About Your Dog!
100% Obedience
Obedient dog smiling
100% off-Leash
off-leash dog in the grass
100% distraction-proof
undistracted dog sitting

We guarantee* a 100% obedient, 100% off-leash, and 100% distraction-proof pup at the end of our Board & Train program! Your dog can be trained to have the same level of obedience as most police/military working dogs.

Join the Off Leash K9 Training Amarillo Pack
Off Leash K9 Training Amarillo Programs

There are many possibilities for your canine companion with the guidance of our expert trainers and our personalized training programs. These allow you, the dog owner, and your pet to embark on a journey of greater understanding and growth.

Our diverse range of training programs is meticulously crafted to address the unique needs of dogs. These training programs are the product of years of expertise and experience gained by Nick White, OLK9’s founder, through a solid background in canine training and psychology. Join us as we delve into the transformative programs that empower your dog to reach his potential.

Aggressive Dog Training

We take dog training a notch higher with the Behavior Modification program. This is the best solution we have for dogs going through behavioral challenges. Our expert trainers will delve deeply into your dog’s triggers and root causes and design a personalized plan. Through expert techniques, positive reinforcement, and compassion, we will guide your dog towards a positive change.

We understand that aggressive behavior is a complex challenge not just for canine companions but for their owners too. The positive change we’d like to effect will not only deal with aggression management. It aims to transform your dog’s outlook as well. This is to make sure you and your pet can have a fulfilling life together.

BOARD and Train

Off Leash K9 Training Amarillo’s Board and Train programs are intensive and focused on maximizing obedience and behavior modification. Aside from the regular 1-week Board and Train program, the Amarillo branch offers a 2-week program in Community K9 and Urban K9. While the Community K9 Board and Train program is suited for most canine companions, the Urban K9 is specifically designed to cater to dog clients living in extremely busy metropolitan areas who need to be desensitized to high-level distraction areas.

Regardless of the program package you choose, we can assure you that our trainers will customize it to fit your dog’s comfort. At the end of the training, OLK9 guarantees that your dog will be well-mannered and confident, ready to take on the world.

Dog obedience lessons

Our basic obedience program is where every successful dog-owner partnership begins.

Your dog’s training journey should reflect his uniqueness. Start his journey with OLK9 Training Amarillo’s comprehensive evaluation. This process enables us to understand your dog’s strengths and weaknesses, using this information to tailor a specific program for him.

Laying the foundation for a harmonious dog-owner relationship starts with basic obedience lessons. These lessons are practical for everyday life and pave the way to establishing better communication between you and your dog. To elevate those skills, OLK9 Amarillo offers advanced obedience training that covers a spectrum of commands and behavior lessons. From practicing off-leash obedience to improving response times, the advanced lessons boost your dog’s confidence.

Part of our dog obedience lessons are a specialized aggressive dog training program for dogs with behavioral issues. Aggression, anxiety, and fear are canine struggles that can be minimized through OLK9’s compassionate, holistic approach. We identify the triggers, reshape behavior patterns, and perform desensitization, working with your dog using different scenarios to reduce occurrences of aggression.

Puppy TRaining

The foundation for a lifetime of positive behavior and total well-being in your canine companion starts with OLK9’s Puppy Training program. We believe in nurturing young minds, beginning with command and manners mastery, social skills development, and behavioral problem prevention.

Commands like sit, come, stay, etc. instill obedience at the start and then cultivate polite behavior in your puppy later on, making him a bundle of joy to be around. Early social skill development is key to a confident adult dog. Exposing your puppy to different environments and situations with other dogs or people makes him well-adjusted and comfortable. Correcting potential behavior issues in your puppy and instilling positive habits help ensure a smooth transition into adulthood.

Invest in your puppy’s early training, and over time, he will grow into a happy, confident, and well-mannered member of your family.

Therapy Dog Training

The Therapy Dog Training Program is designed to create certified therapy dogs. Dogs are innately a beacon of comfort and joy, and these qualities bring joy to those in need. Our OLK9 trainers will harness these empathic qualities and teach your dog to gently and positively interact with people of all ages and backgrounds.

Once your dog is evaluated, he will undergo training with expert professionals by his side to meet the rigorous standards for certification. Command and social skills mastery will be harnessed in your dog, covering all aspects of a certified therapy dog.

We have a few requirements for enrollment in this therapy dog program. Your dog must be 20 weeks old or older and should be free from any behavioral challenges that can impede their ability to provide emotional comfort and support as a therapy dog.

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Amarillo, TX Off Leash K9 Training Team

Meet our expert trainers at Off Leash K9 Training in Amarillo. The pawsome team behind every dog’s success story of obedience! At the forefront of transforming dogs, our OLK9 team brings with them a genuine heart for dogs and a wealth of experience, training, and skills to guide your canine companion.

Meet the partner who will all-out partner with your dog’s journey to enjoying a well-balanced life!

Off Leash K9 ​​Training Videos
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Commonly Asked Questions

The electronic collar is a device that incorporates a stimulation mechanism that emits a very subtle electrical pulse comparable to a “tickle”. This concept is similar to the E-Stim therapy employed in chiropractic clinics. The e-collar operates using a handheld remote that allows you to maintain control over up to a 400-yard range. The subtle pulse signifies a “tap” to your dog and is used to capture his attention and maintain focus. The e-collar is designed as a training mechanism to effectively communicate with your dog. It is never used as a punishment or to shock your dog. This is our guarantee!
Not at all! As compassionate dog trainers, our utmost priority is the well-being of your dog. We hold a deep love for dogs, and we guarantee their welfare while in our care. To prove that our e-collar is safe, our trainers will use the e-collar on themselves to show that it does not cause any discomfort and is entirely harmless. During the initial session, we will also place the e-collar on your arm to let you experience firsthand how mild the electrical pulse sensation is. Most importantly, it is an OLK9 principle to never subject a dog to anything we would not willingly undergo ourselves!
It is not necessary for your dog to always wear the e-collar. In fact, when he’s at home, your dog will easily respond to your commands even without them. However, we strongly advise that you put on the e-collar when he is outdoors. This is a precaution, as there may be some unpredictable external distraction that can sidetrack your dog’s attention. You still need to exercise complete control over your pet. The e-collar ensures safety by giving you the means to intervene.
Nick White - Off Leash K9 Training Visionary Founder
Nick White, Founder of Off Leash K9 Training
Photo Courtesy: A&E

Nick White is a name synonymous with dog training innovation. Nick, the brains behind Off Leash K9 Training, has an extensive background as a former United States Marine and US Secret Service agent. He hosts America’s Top Dog, an A&E hit show, and he also holds a world record for the longest down from a distance command.

Nick’s experience and expertise in the realm of canine training serve as an invaluable asset in creating the foundation of OLK9. He has mastered the use of the e-collar training system to guarantee 100% obedience, 100% off-leash, and 100% distraction-free dog training! His legacy through Off Leash K9 Training is a testament to his dedication to improving the lives of dogs and the owners who cherish them.

Off Leash K9 Training Amarillo is more than just a dog training center; we are a community that supports and guides your canine companion on a journey of transformation. With effective training programs and a compassionate training philosophy, we help your dog reach new heights of obedience and confidence.

We make the dog training journey an effective and fun experience for you and your dog! We carefully design our programs with the mindset that every dog is different. We believe that true progress is achieved with a personalized plan that aligns with your goals and your dog’s needs and is implemented by expert trainers closely guiding the entire training process. With an emphasis on compassion coupled with positive reinforcement, we aim to build trust and strengthen the bond between you and your dog!

Here at Off Leash K9 Training Amarillo, we do not offer quick fixes, but we focus our efforts on providing lasting results that stand the test of time. While we work to effect immediate improvements, we guide and nurture your dog for long-lasting behavioral changes that will change your dog’s lifestyle for better!

Partner with us as you choose a path to lasting transformation for your beloved canine companion. Together, let’s nurture a lifelong partnership built on mutual respect, trust, and communication and celebrate the joy of having a well-rounded dog companion!

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